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A Little About Us

   Wow, what to say here.   We have lived most of our lives just working to raise our kids, and make a decent living. I (Rick) have had a woodworking shop for the better part of 30 years but it was mostly used to make things for our own use.   

   Now we are starting to make things, mostly things from discarded, re-purposed, or reclaimed materials. As new items are created, they will be posted on this website, and some will be made available for purchase

  We got into Photography about 8 years ago. It became an obsession.  We saw the world in a whole new way while looking through the viewfinder of our cameras. We have accumulated quite a large collection of Photos, and have kept them pretty much to ourselves. Due to lots of prompting from family and friends, we are making these available to share with the world.

  Our most recent creative outlet is Pottery, and ceramics in general. In June 2012 Vicki and I were watching a TV show about making pottery. We talked about maybe taking some classes. The class taking never happened.

  Still intrigued by actually taking Clay from the ground and making utilitarian items, and even a pieces of art, We got on E- Bay and found a used homemade kick-wheel. We played around with throwing pots with this contraption and soon realized we could actually make functional pieces.

  With these green clay pots accumulating, it was back on the Internet to find a used kiln to fire our pieces. It snowballed from there, and we now have 2 electric wheels, but are currently using the same used kiln we bought originally.

  We both still have full time jobs, but our lives have been so enriched with these creative outlets, that stress in our lives has become nearly non existent!

  We hope you enjoy browsing though our site, please leave comments, if you feel like critiquing, criticizing, or even praising our works. Oh, and please sign our Guest Book!